When we think of self-care and wellness, we may think of massages, saunas, and compression therapy. But what about BrainTap therapy?

BrainTap therapy has grown in popularity due to its non-evasive methods, offering an alternative to other forms of neuro therapy. This state-of-the-art technology holds great promise for alternative wellness, and Modern Cryo & Wellness is proud to make BrainTap therapy accessible to our clients.

What is BrainTap Therapy?

BrainTap therapy isn’t as weird or scary as it may sound. This form of therapy is designed to rebalance brainwaves. BrainTap therapy has its roots in neuropsychology, making it one of the most advanced of the newest forms of alternative wellness.

Individuals use BrainTap therapy for several different reasons. Some individuals use this form of therapy to improve sleep or decrease stress. Others use it to help with mental clarity and increase their energy levels. However this form of therapy is used, it is obvious it has the potential to benefit individuals from all walks of life.

In a 2021 study that consisted of 32 subjects, BrainTap researchers studied the use of audio-visual brain entrainment and how it impacts stress, mood, and quality of sleep. Their results found that individuals who used BrainTap therapy significantly increased their quality of mood, energy levels, and quality of sleep. Individuals in the study also noted a decrease in stress and feelings of anxiety and stress.

How does BrainTap Therapy work?

Now that we know what BrainTap therapy is, let’s look at how it works.

BrainTap therapy works by utilizing Neurotherapy to stimulate the brain positively. According to BrainTap’s website, “BrainTap uses a proprietary neuro-algorithm that results in full-spectrum brainwave activity.”

By accessing and using sensory stimuli, BrainTap therapy combines the power of science with the age-old art of meditation. BrainTap therapy uses a mixture of sound, music, spoken word, and light. This combination provides an alternative to neuro therapy that promotes the natural balance of the brain. BrainTap therapy is designed to help rebalance brainwaves using different combinations of stimuli to achieve the goals of the individual using it.

At Modern Cryo and Wellness, we want to provide our clients with the best care possible. That is why we use the BrainTap headset. Our dedication to our clients means that we have invested in some of the highest quality products on the market.

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