Book a Spa Day at Modern Cryo & Wellness

We all need a day to relax and focus on our self-care. And what better place to do it than Modern Cryo & Wellness? When you book a spa day at Modern Cryo & Wellness, you are investing in yourself.

But what can you expect when coming to Modern Cryo & Wellness? Let’s take a closer look below!

What to Expect at Modern Cryo & Wellness

Modern Cryo & Wellness is proud to provide a variety of luxury options for our guests to choose from. Our services are designed for just about every lifestyle. Whether you are an athlete looking to help with recovery time, an individual looking to invest in self-care and a healthy lifestyle, or just someone who wants to promote relaxation, we have something for you.

At Modern Cryo & Wellness, our guests can expect to find state-of-the-art equipment and excellent service. From the moment you walk in our doors, you will feel like a VIP. No matter what your purpose for your appointment is, we will strive to help make the experience a success.

How to Book an Appointment at Modern Cryo & Wellness

Booking an appointment with Modern Cryo & Wellness is easy! There are one of two ways to book an appointment. The first way is to book an appointment on our website using the Book Now button located at the top of the page.

When booking an appointment this way, guests can select:

  • Their preferred service (or multiple services!)
  • The service duration (typically in 30 minute and 1 hour time slots)
  • The date you would like the appointment to be
  • The time of day you would like to come to the appointment

If you have questions about your appointment, our team of friendly staff members is ready to help make sure you come to your appointment feeling confident.

How to Prepare for Your Appointment at Modern Cryo & Wellness

Preparation for your appointment with Modern Cryo & Wellness can vary a bit depending on which services you book. However, there are a few things that all individuals should do before their appointment.

  • Be sure to hydrate
  • Avoid ingesting alcohol or cannabis/hemp products before your appointment
  • Do not eat a large meal before your appointment

Memberships at Modern Cryo & Wellness

Have a service (or services) you want to make part of your normal self-care and wellness routine? Modern Cryo & Wellness offers memberships that not only help you reach your self-care goals but also help save you money in the long run. Our Membership tiers offer:

Bronze Tier

Bronze tier members receive 5 sessions per month under their plan. Regularly priced at $125 per month, these sessions can include our compression therapy, BrainTap, and cryotherapy. Members can sign up using our Members page located directly on our website.

Silver Tier

Instead of just 5 sessions per month, Silver tier members receive 15 sessions per month in their membership plan. These sessions can include our red light therapy bed, compression therapy, and infrared Sauna. Prefer this plan? Sign up using the Members page on our website.

Gold Tier

Gold tier members receive 30 sessions per month included in their membership. These sessions can include our red-light therapy bed, cryotherapy, and BrainTap. Ready to make self-care and wellness a priority? Sign up for this plan using the Members page on our website.

All Modern Cryo & Wellness memberships include a 10% discount on all retail products and the ability to add additional sessions for only $15 per session. For questions or concerns regarding memberships or any of our services, please call us at 469-514-8122 or email us at

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