What is Whole Body Cryotherapy?

Picture this; you finish with a satisfying, but exhausting workout and are sore. You could go home, take some painkillers, and hope the soreness goes away soon. Or, you could choose an alternative route.

Whole body cryotherapy is a relatively new trend within the alternative wellness community. However, it has quickly gained popularity due to its ability to have a positive effect on individuals from all walks of life.

How Whole Body Cryotherapy Works

Whole body Cryotherapy works by introducing the body to cold temperatures with the intention of targeting either specific areas or the whole body for an all-over effect. This provides a more positive experience for many individuals.

Some of the perks of whole body cryotherapy include;

  • Inflammation relief
  • Increase blood flow
  • Improved sleep
  • Accelerated recovery time from workouts or strenuous activity

For example, a 2017 review of whole body cryotherapy shared in Frontiers of Physiology found, “almost all of these studies agree on general benefits induced by the treatment including improved pain, mood, and quality of life.”

This form of alternative physical therapy is especially popular among athletes or those who lead an otherwise active lifestyle. Unlike other forms of physical therapy, the overall body effect allows for more rapid and thorough repair time. As a result, many individuals find overall improvement in their active lifestyle.

What Makes Whole Body Cryotherapy Different?

Typically, when cold has been used as an alternative wellness technique, it is approached by targeting specific areas of the body. While this may work in some instances, it also may not have the desired results. Whole body cryotherapy uses an all-over approach, making it a more effective approach for many individuals. Multiple areas, some of which could be causing pain or issues in tandem with one another, are targeted at the same time rather than individually.

This form of alternative wellness takes a new approach to a technique that has been used for hundreds of years. With whole body cryotherapy, the ice packs can be left in the freezer.

Exploring Whole Body Cryotherapy

The cold temperatures used by whole body cryotherapy are typically produced by using liquid nitrogen or argon gas. At Modern Cryo and Wellness, we use the Cryobuilt electric Cryo machine for a superior experience that is hard to find anywhere else. Rather than targeting individual areas one at a time, these machines offer an overall approach.

Before using whole body cryotherapy, it is recommended to avoid using blood thinners like aspirin. It is also recommended to limit food and drink intake right before your session. For additional information, please reach out to our team at Modern Cryo & Wellness.

Book a Whole Body Cryotherapy Appointment with Modern Cryo & Wellness

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To book an appointment, simply click the Book Now button at the top of our website. From there, you pick the services and add-ons you would like to book, then select an available time and date for your appointment.

Have questions or concerns about your upcoming appointment? Our team of dedicated staff members are here to help! Give us a call at 469-514-8122 or send us an email at info@moderncryo.com. We cannot wait to help make your alternative wellness journey a success!

Individuals with pre-existing health conditions or on prescription medication should consult with their physician before trying whole body cryotherapy. Please note that the extreme cold could trigger symptoms or interact with medication. Please stop using whole body cryotherapy if you experience any adverse effects that could lead to health problems.

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